Care For Your Mala

Care for your Mala Beads
Your Mala Beads are hand knotted on nylon for strength and stability. The knots may be a little tight at first. To stretch the knots please go segment by segment and align one bead with the next. Please refrain from wearing your Mala Beads during vigorous exercise. Avoid wearing your Mala in water. To cleanse your Mala Beads, place with a Crystal Quartz or Kyanite to purify and remove negative energy. Place your mala in the Sun. If your Mala Beads should break, according to tradition, it usually means one chapter has ended and a new one begins. Moment by moment we shed layers. (Inhale Let, Exhale Go). If your mala should break or you need a re-string within the first 30 days, I will repair it for free (excluding shipping) After that, I charge $25 to re-string. Please contact me should you need assistance.
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