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I studied jewelry design at The Jewelry Arts Institute where I cultivated my affection for the technique of granulation. This passion led me to Asia, where this process is a specialty. I got the inspiration for the name Naked Planet Jewelry from the vivid colors, rich textiles and unique artifacts I found on my travels. My intention was to adorn a 'naked planet' with color, texture and art, uniting a divided and separate planet, much like the film Pleasantville, where the movie changes from black and white to color as people become more enlightened. I am a Yoga Teacher, the premise of yoga is that we are all connected beings. I combine my passion for gemstones and design with my love of yoga to create a piece of art which will become a treasured adornment. I am filled with gratitude that a gift of my handiwork is adorning this planet and making it a more colorful, lively and beautiful place to be!
Thank you for visiting my shop! In gratitude 🙏 
Namaste नमस्ते
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